Meet The Team

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Flamur Çelaj
Executive Director

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Flamur Çelaj is the Executive Director of the Albanian Drone Association, Member of the Republic of Albania’s Parliament at the VIII-th Legislature, member of the National Security Commission, General Director of Civil Aviation, Senior Management Body in the civil service, businessman, owner of one’s most major security companies in Albania. He is one of the co-founders of the Albanian Drone Association and a member of its National Board.

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Enkeleda Toska
National Coordinator

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24 years of experience as a law enforcement officer, Enkeleda has actively participated in national and international activities representing the Albanian Police Service. She attended several international professional educations from prestigious institutions. Since April 2021, one of the Co-founders and board members of the Albanian Drones Association.  


Adrian Haxhiaj
International Coordinator 

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More than 20 years of experience in business development for several sectors. Such as Telecommunication, IT, Navigation and Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Member of several organisations in the field of drones and aviation. Since April 2021 Co-founder and board member of Albanian Drone Association.

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Agim Alimemaj

Colonel Agim Alimemaj (retired) graduated from the Albanian Police Academy in 1975. He has worked in the field of security and intelligence, as well as in the field of private business. After several important positions at Aulona Pol 1, such as the CTO and the company Administrator, Agim, after his retirement, is an advisor of the CEO. Agim is one of the co-founders of the Albanian Drone Association and a member of its National Board.

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Şakir Cumhur Somer

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Colonel (retired) after serving his country for more than 28 years engaged in the Turkish Armed Forces. With international engagement such as in, Iraq, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Albania, and Montenegro. Versatile retired military officer applying skills wisdom in the Turkish Armed Forces to related careers in the civilian sector. Proficient in best practices, management, leadership strategies and employee motivation to boost productivity and job performance in large multi-functional organizations. Proficient in engineering concepts, information technology and staff training and supervision. Well-coordinated in addressing problems, investigating root causes and implementing successful resolutions. A multi-tasking leader is well-known for successfully taking a project from the initial stages to completion. Highly skilled and educated with a positive demeanour. Since April 2021, member of the board of the Albanian Drone Association.

Klodian Hajdari

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Klodian Hajdari has completed a master's degree in comparative politics at political science. He has a long experience in tourism since 2010. During 2006-2021 he worked at the Monitoring Directorate of Tirana’s Municipality to continue further at the Commercial Directorate of projects and contracts. Champion in downhill sport in 2018 and some podium awards in 2019 and 2021. Klodian's hobbies are exploring 4x4 in the mountains, hiking and camping, exploring all of Albania and drone experiences as well. Also, he works in tourism with jeep tour. He is the president of the NGO "peak riders of Albania mountain bike association" which deals with the extreme sport of bicycle.