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Albanian Drone Association became a member of the World UAV Federation

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Albanian Drone Association is now a member of the big family of the World UAV Federation. Our chairman Mr Flamur Çelaj and the team are proud to represent Albania and bring its contribution to the field of UAS. We are eager to work together with our partners and all the members of WUAVF

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workshop in tirana

19th of July, the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority organised a workshop in the frame of the Interreg Programme between Albania, Region of Puglia Italy and Montenegro. The main focus was the introduction of new business opportunities in the region in the field of UAS and specifically business cases of UAM. Our organisation was represented by Mr Flamur Çelaj Executive Director and two Board Members, Enkeleda Toska and Adrian Haxhiaj

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26th of June the first meeting of the Board was organised in Tirana. We finalised the status of the association and the structure.

Further, we agreed on the coming plans and activities Albanian Drone Association will realise in 2021